Suresh Wadkar – The Marathi Singer

Suresh Wadkar - The Marathi Singer

Suresh Wadkar - The Marathi Singer

Suresh Wadkar is a one of the Indian film industry’s leading playback singers. He performs in both Hindi and Marathi language films.

Early life

Suresh Wadkar was born in Kolhapur, India. At the age of 8, he began acquiring basic music education from Pandit Jialal Vasant. He soon impressed his guru with the quality of his voice. He began performing on the stage at a very early age.

Singing Career

Though groomed for Indian classical music, he entered the Sur-Singar competition in 1976. Wadkar won the competition which was judged by composers from the Indian film industry including Jaidev. Jaidev later offered him the song “Seene Mein Jalan” in the film Gaman (released in 1978). He also performed in the film Paheli (released 1977).

At the time, Lata Mangeshkar was so impressed with his voice that she strongly recommended him to film personalities including Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Khayyam and Kalyanji-Anandji. Laxmikant-Pyarelal, impressed with his voice, soon recorded a duet with Lata “Chal Chameli Bagh Mein” for Krodhi (released in 1981). Soon after, he was given the opportunity to perform for songs in Hum Paanch, Pyaasa Sawan (“Megha re Megha Re”) and above all, his turning point in films – Raj Kapoor’s Prem Rog (released in 1982).

Wadkar also produced the film He was a judge on the Indian TV singing show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs International and for the 2005 Sanjeet Awards.

Personal Life

Wadkar is married to classical singer Padma. He has two daughters named Ananya (10 years) and Gia (4 months). He is also an ardent devotee of the Indian Guru, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


In 1976, Wadkar won the Madan Mohan Best Male Singer Award at the Sur-Singar competition. He also won the 2007 Maharashtra Pride Award which is given by the government of Maharashtra to citizens of note.


Suresh Wadkar has sung for a variety of composers in the Indian film industry. These include:

  • Laxmikant Pyarelal
  • Kalyanji Anandji
  • R.D. Burman
  • Ilayaraja
  • Ravindra Jain
  • Bappi Lahiri
  • Khaiyyam
  • Usha Khanna
  • A.R. Rehman
  • Nadeem-Shravan
  • Vishal Bharadwaj
  • Rajesh Roshan
  • Raamlaxman
  • Shiv-Hari
  • Jatin-Lalit
  • Anand-Milind
  • Anu Malik
  • Himesh Reshammiya
  • Shanker
  • Ravi
  • Chitragupta
  • Jaidev
  • Hridayanath Mangeshkar
  • Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Popular Hits

  • “Surmai Shaam” (Lekin)
  • “Aye Zindagi Gale Lagaa Le” (Sadma)
  • “Tumse Milke” (Parinda, with Asha Bhosle)
  • “Lagi Aaj Saawan Ki” (Chandni)
  • “Ram Teri Ganga Maili Ho Gayi” (Ram Teri Ganga Maili)
  • “Huzur Is Kadar Bhi” (Masoom, with Bhupinder)
  • “Seene Mein Jalan” (Gaman)
  • “O Priya Priya” (Dil)
  • “Aur is Dil mein kya rakha hain” (Imandar)
  • “Chappa Chappa Charkha” (Machis, with Hariharan and Chorus)
  • “Pyar Yeh Jaane Kaisa” (Rangeela,with Kavita Krishnamurthi)
  • “Saanjh Dhale Gagan Tale” (Utsav)
  • “Goron Ki Na Kalon Ki” (Disco Dancer)

Selected Filmography

  • Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi (2008)
  • Omkara (2006)
  • Vivah (2006)
  • Bal Ganesh (2006)
  • Indra (2002)
  • Hu Tu Tu (1999)
  • Sar Utha Ke Jiyo (1998)
  • Maachis (1996)
  • PremGranth (1996)
  • Rangeela (1995)
  • Guddu (1995)
  • Aaina (1993)
  • In Custody (1993)
  • Parampara (1992)
  • Dil Aashna Hai (1992)
  • Thalapathi (1991)
  • Lamhe (1991)
  • Lekin (1991)
  • Henna (1991)
  • Kurbaan (1991)
  • Aaj Ka Samson (1991)
  • Patthar Ke Phool (1991)
  • The Blow (1991)
  • Shiva (1990)
  • Bhrashtachar (1989)
  • Toofan (1989)
  • Purani Haveli (1989)
  • Chandni (1989)
  • Hero Hiralal (1988)
  • Libaas (1988)
  • Thikana (1987)
  • Hifazat (1987) directed by Prayag Raj
  • Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985)
  • Utsav (1984)
  • Sadma (1983)
  • Masoom (1983)
  • Disco Dancer (1982)
  • Hum Paanch (1980)
  • Paheli (1977)

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Aniruddh Joshi – Marathi Singer

Aniruddh Joshi

Aniruddh Joshi - Click to play this song

A bachelor in engineering (CIVIL) from V.J.T.I college is a self motivated creative and an accomplished playback singer, solo public performances, T.V and a radio artist. In his life span he has a great number of achievements.

Some of them are :

Public Performances: 700+ Hindi Ghazals and Marathi songs in India and abroad.
Film Playback: 6 marathi films and 4 musical Plays.
Commercial Music:
40+ pre-recorded cassettes and cds.
T.V Mumbai:
90+ performances.
All India Radio: Graded artist of AIR in sugam sangeet (marathi) geet bhajan(hindi) and Ghazals(urdu) have recorded 192 songs on AIR.

Professional Career : Have established a music academy in mumbai and have 190+ students. Mumbai University lecturer for music composer’s course.

Areas of Expertise :

  • Hindi Ghazals
  • Hindi Film Music
  • Hindi Bhajans
  • Marathi Songs
  • Marathi Bhvageete
  • Marathi Abhang

Professional Excellence awards :

2005 “Kohinoor of India Award” for excellence in ghazal singing recevied from Shri Amitabh Bacchhan.

1999 “Achiever of millenium award” for outstanding work in hindi ghazals from All Achievers Conference New Delhi.

“Priyadarshani Award ” for outstanding work in light vocal music fromj I&B Minister Shri. Vasant sathe.

2002 “Thane Gaurav Award” by Thane Muncipal Corporation.

Commercial Music :
Marathi Films :

  • Angaar
  • Ambedkar
  • Nishpap
  • Sade Fating
  • Shejari Shejari
  • Nastik.

Cassettes/CDs :

  • “Dilon Jaan Se” Urdu Ghazal
  • “Gao Vithobache Naam” Marathi Devotional music
  • “Prabhu More” Hindi Bhajan
  • “Pyara Sai Naam” Hindi Bhajan
  • Many Others.

Personal Information :

  • Music Training : Pandit Vinayakrao Kale thane, 1972-2003
  • Ghazal Training : Shri. Shrikant Thackaray thane, 1980-2003

Propreitor : Swar Manch Academy
Managing Director : M/s Ornate Chemical Pvt. Ltd. Thane
Director: Vidya Prasarak Mandal Thane
Ex-Director: Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd
Director: VPM Polytechnic Thane
Director: Kokan Kala Academy

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Download Marathi Songs

Marathi has an age old legacy. It was with Maharashtra centuries ago and honed by most of the musicians that entertained the king and his queen. Marathi songs are composed for plays which are an active part of Marathi culture, movies and for spirituality. The nightingale of India, none other than Lata Mangeshkar has sung many a Marathi songs and has been acclaimed at the national level for her contribution in the language.

Some famous singers in Marathi are Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Ram Marathe, Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Kanhopatra Kinikar, Milind Shinde and Pt. Jaggannath. Marathi songs are soothing and have developed over a period of time. You get R&B, Hip Hop and a variety of styles for the modern person while the retro style is eternal.

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Marathi albums listing – collection of songs from Dishant Home of Indian Music



Marathi Movie – Mann Pakharu Pakharu (2008)

Marathi Movie Video

Marathi Movie Video

  Kloud9 Tv & Entertainments
  Producers:   Ali Asgar, Probal Raha, Ashish Malshet
  Director:   Ankush Bhatt
  Music:   Jitendra Kulkarni
  Lyricst:   Raven Damne
  Cameraman:   Mangesh Sawant
  Art:   Ramakant
  Cast:   Sachin, Girija Oak, Subodh Bhave, Mohan Joshi, Prashant Damle, Jr. Mehmood…

We have seen many great movies based upon medical profession like ‘Anand’, ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ or even ‘Shwaas’ in Marathi. Despite the same base, every movie carried different aspect of medical profession and human relations. ‘Man Pakharu Pakharu’ is belongs to the same tradition, which discovers a beautiful relation between a doctor and a patient while dealing with problems of people facing neurological disorder.

The story starts at hospital, where Dr. Neelay Raje (Subodh Bhave) joins as new doctor. He is a sensitive guy, unlike other doctors his emotions are not died yet. He wants to discover his own path and wants to treat patients from his heart instead of brain. He finds his inspiration from Dr. Pandit (Prashant Damle) in same hospital. While treating the patients facing neurological disorder, he interacted with a young patient- Sarang (Sachin Pilagavkar). Sarang is like an alive dead body. He has lost all his senses. Neelay finds out extraordinary willpower of Sarang and gives all the efforts to bring him back in this world. Further story develops through amazing relations, emotions and dialogs between Sarang and Neelay. Different aspects of relations of a doctor and a patient, a mother and a son, doctor and hospital owner or even between two patients have been covered brilliantly in the movie.

The story provides quiet lot information about neurological disorder without breaking flow of story. Though it is a very static subject, Iravati Karnik- story and screen play writer has taken enough care to make it interesting. It is extremely good and successful attempt of Iravati- a new generation author to write such an informative but still entertaining story. All the time she had kept in mind that it’s a commercial movie, not a documentary and audiences admire her efforts a lot.

Movie has got really good star cast. ‘Subodh Bhave’, ‘Sachin Pilgavkar’, ‘Mohan Joshi’, ‘Prashant Damle’, ‘Ila Bhate’ and ‘Girija’. Names are enough to state the high class acting and it would be better experience to watch them on screen, instead of reading about their high-quality acting over here. Sachin has spent more than 4 decades in the industry but day by day his acting is getting more and more younger. He himself is a school of acting and we have seen many great renowned actors inspired by him.

All the feature of his role has been presented incredibly by Sachin. It is a challenge for any actor to perform a mentally handicapped patient, yet Sachin has presented it magnificently. He hardly cries in the movie, but his facial expressions, body language and dialog delivery literally make the audiences cry. A patient of neurological disorder, a young man, a good son and beyond all, an enthusiastic and kind hearted human being, all these aspect of Sarang’s character has charmingly shown by Sachin. He had actually got into the skins of Neelay. He had lived the character and I have no doubt in my mind that it is going to be milestone character in Marathi Film Industry. Subodh Bhave sounds good in role of Neelay. All the characteristics of Neelay like a shy doctor, emotional human being and helpless friend in the case of Sarang has played nicely by him. Prashant Damle, Ila Bhate and Mohan Joshi are as usual acted well. Girija hasn’t got much scope to show her skills.

Director Ankush Bhat had taken fine efforts to present such a beautiful story without losing depth of it. Thanks to Ankush, for not converting such a sensitive story into a mockery or ‘filmy.’ Music of Jitendra Kulkarni adds nice essence to the story. Especially, the symphony that he has used as theme music is really heart-touching.

Old is gold is true, but young talent is not at all less than good. When fresh talent like Iravati and experienced actor like Sachin works together, impact is much better than any other film. I think both of them have set an ideal example of a symphony of old and new. If others too follow them, audiences will definitely get the nice treat of gracious movies.

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Tribute to Marathi Cinema

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Marathi Cinema is one of the oldest in regional Indian films industry. The first Marathi talkie film “Ayodhyecha Raja” (produced by Prabhat Films) was released in 1932, just one year after “Alam Ara” the first Indian (Hindi) talkie film.

Marathi Cinema also got the highest critical acclaim in the year 2004 with the film Shwaas bagging the Golden Lotus National Award[5]. It was also India’s official entry to the 77th Academy Awards and it also won the President medal for the best film. Shwaas,after Shyaamchi aai (1950) is only Marathi film to won president’s medal and only regional film to enter Academy awards as India’s official entry.

The Maharashtra state government has started the grant given to Marathi film (from 15-30 lakh rupees) and since post-Shwaas, media players like Shringar Films and Zee Telefilms are now showing a keen interest in Marathi cinema. The growing popularity of Marathi television (notably Zee Marathi and ETV Marathi) has also helped Marathi cinema a lot. In fact, Zee Talkies, a 24 hour channel dedicated to Marathi movies has been introduced. Movies like Aga bai areccha, Khabardar, Dombivali fast, Sarivar sari,Yanda kartavya aahe, Uttarayan have received commercial and/or critical success. This decade has seen the emergence of stars like Sunil Barve, Sanjay Narvekar, Atul Kulkarni, Bharat Jadhav. Film-makers like Kedar Shinde, Gautam Joglekar, Gajendra Ahire are new entrants with veterans like Mahesh Kothare, Smita Talwalkar, Amol Palekar.

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Song Lyrics of Savalee

Song: Nil Rangi Rangale
Singer: Devaki Pandit

ya ambaratlya neelpatavar shyam kanhyya nache
hya bhavani patachya raas layivar yek basuri vaje – 2

mazi sudha budha aani rit prita tu bhijuni chimba chimba re
nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali
nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali

madhur madhur ha sada tuza.. shirshiv hoi rani vani
hawa hawasa sprsha tiza dah dahlya tani mani
gaganat bramha aani git gandh me mastitarit
tav nila rang houni dang ashi dhundi sachendri
mazi sudha budha aani rit prita tu bhijuni chimba chimba re

nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali – 2

khuli kiti hi prit ashi jannatu majala hesavarti
prit jagachi satha khari malaani tujala dujavarti
sahawas tuza kari dhyas asa ki me tuzich uraleli
mani shambhan hech yekach dhyanki me tuzich muraleli
mazi sudha budha aani rit prita tu bhijuni chimba chimba re

nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali – 2

ya ambaratlya neelpatavar shyam kanhayya nache
hya bhavani patachya raas lalivar yek basuri vaje – 2

mazi sudh budh aani rit prit tu bhijuni chimba chimba re

nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali
nila range rangali re kanha nila range rangali – 2

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Chand Raatila Shital

Marathi Song

Marathi cinema is one of the oldest in regional Indian films industry. The first Marathi talkie film “Ayodhyecha Raja” (produced by Prabhat Films) was released in 1932, just one year after “Alam Ara” the first Indian (Hindi) talkie film. Click on the above image to see the song ….

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