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Marathi has an age old legacy. It was with Maharashtra centuries ago and honed by most of the musicians that entertained the king and his queen. Marathi songs are composed for plays which are an active part of Marathi culture, movies and for spirituality. The nightingale of India, none other than Lata Mangeshkar has sung many a Marathi songs and has been acclaimed at the national level for her contribution in the language.

Some famous singers in Marathi are Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Ram Marathe, Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Kanhopatra Kinikar, Milind Shinde and Pt. Jaggannath. Marathi songs are soothing and have developed over a period of time. You get R&B, Hip Hop and a variety of styles for the modern person while the retro style is eternal.

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Marathi albums listing – collection of songs from Dishant Home of Indian Music



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88 Responses to “Download Marathi Songs”

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  28. Prakash Padalkar Says:

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  41. deepak Says:

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  42. avi Says:

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  69. vaishali Says:

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    Swapnat Rangale Mi Chitrat Dangale Mi
    Movie or Album: Amhi Jato Amuchya Gava
    Singer(s): Asha bhosale, Sudhir Phadke
    Music Director(s): Sudhir Phadake
    Lyricist(s): Jagadish Khubudkar

  70. Amol Says:

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